Weddings at Ivy

Kimberly & Michael Torman
Amy & Mark Erkenswick
 Past Events and Photos......
Chili Cook off at Ivy 2016
2016 Fall Pumpkin Carving & Boo Palooza
New Year's Eve at Ivy
Homecoming at Ivy
The St. Patrick's Day Court 2015
 Veterans Day 2014
Ivy Ice Bar 2014
New Year's Eve 2013
Pumpkin Carving 2013
Chili Cookoff Server Race
Look at these Handsome Chili Cookoff Winners
 The Merry Carolers at Ivy
WGN Breakfast with Steve Cochran
Wheaton Wine and Cultural Arts Festival
Ivy Restaurant

Main Dining
Chefs Room
 Stained Glass Staircase
Ivy Awards & Recognitions

Click on the Showboat to see a recent shout out
from one of our guests, Graig "the legend" Casino 
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