At Ivy, we take a unique approach in the creation of our seasonal menus. The process is collaborative, not just between Chef Joe Pascolla and owners Dick and Carol O’Gorman, but also with our integral staff and members from our community.

Each season, we incorporate a true farm-to-table experience. From weekly trips to the local Wheaton French Market to partnering with local establishments like Sonny Acres Farm in West Chicago, we stand by our promise to deliver an experience that is not only flavorful, but one that supports the community.

With this promise to shop local to our best ability, we are able to participate and support Wheaton’s “Shop Local So Local Stays” community motto. We hope you enjoy our Fall/Winter2017 menu and invite you to come experience a flavorful, festive, and friendly experience with all of us. 

Looking forward to seeing you, 
~ Ivy Staff & Management

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